Why Should You Rent Mercedes E Class in Dubai?

Mercedes E Class sedans are among the ultra-luxury cars in the industry, and driving them could give you an unmatched experience. The elegance of these models will treat you to a plush ride, making you opt for it time and again. Riders always love to ride an elegant vehicle with top-notch performance and a head-turning intrigue; this model could be the perfect tool for these tasks, especially in Dubai. The well-engineered safety technology of E Class will catch your heart, making your ride safe and sound. The roads of Dubai demand a more ravishing vehicle, and you will find no better option than this brand. Keep walking with us to know why you should rent Mercedes E Class in Dubai!

Reasons to Rent Mercedes E Class in Dubai:

Mercedes has made some important updates to the E Class lineup, and riders love it! The new E350 base model is what the riders love the most since it has some extraordinary features under its hood. The potent engine in these models ensures a thrilling ride combined with luxe and elegance. Following are a few reasons to convince you about renting this brand to explore the city of Dubai in some style!

1. Stronger base engine:

Talking about the engine in E Class, they come with potent engines which produce enough power to add a thrill to your ride. We have witnessed some engine updates in the 2020 E350 model compared to previous models. Last year’s turbocharged four-chamber engine created 241 pull, which guaranteed certain passing and consolidating.

Anticipate that the all-new engine should be considerably more potent. Power yield has expanded to 255 drive and 273 pound-feet of force. While cruising through the road, anticipate encountering somewhat more responsiveness. Efficiency for the new E Class remains better than expected. Expect to get up to 23 mpg in metropolitan regions and up to 32 mpg on the highway.

2. A smooth ride:

If you opt for an E Class vehicle, you are probably looking to enjoy a butter-smooth ride. E350 could be a perfect model for you as it can help your cause! Assuming you’re the kind of individual who does a lot of voyaging, the new Mercedes-Benz E Class might be the ideal significant distance cruiser.

This vehicle has perhaps the wildest ride in the business. While going on harsh parkways, you can expect the new E Class to convey a smooth ride. Decide on the four-corner air suspension to encounter a significantly greater ride. You will seldom feel any extreme obstacles.

Do you want to make your ride smooth and perfect? Consider contacting a luxury car rental company in Dubai and book this model for your next drive!  

3. Composed handling:

The balanced driving dynamics of this vehicle will amaze you as you take it out for a spin. The latest technology embedded in the suspensions and body balance will help you keep your shape while traveling on the highway. After being in the driver’s seat of the new E Class for quite a while, the vast majority are astounded by its fair driving elements.

Handling a luxury car is excellent, especially if it is an E Class model from the Mercedes family. While making fast developments, the E Class feels amazingly steady in any event. Actuating the car’s Sport+ mode gives you a more grounded association with the street. It can match the level of a beast sportscar or other luxury cars.

4. Excellent exterior design:

While the 2020 Mercedes-Benz E Class may not be the boldest-looking vehicle, numerous drivers value refined outside styling. Indeed, even 10 years from now, the E Class will, in any case, be alluring. It sparks a WOW intrigue as you pass by the walkers on the street.

This vehicle also has particular styling prompts, including an intense Mercedes-Benz grille and attractive LED headlights. Assuming you want a meaner look, go for one of the accessible AMG-line appearance bundles. They bring sportier body styling and updated execution wheels.

5. Safety technologies:

Driving a car with peace of mind is excellent, and E Class can fulfill this wish. Owing to these models’ modern-day safety technology and features, you will never meet a major accident. There are various state-of-the-art safety systems accessible in this brand, and it would be best to rent Mercedes cars to explore these features.

Luckily, these cutting-edge innovations perform well in reality. This reality gives the E Class a reasonable edge over the opposition. Crash Brake Assist comes standard, which screens traffic to assist with forestalling backside impacts. You can get the new E Class with Evasive Steering Assist. This component assists you with keeping up with control while moving around obstructions.

Opt for Mercedes E Class to Enjoy a Superior Ride!

Mercedes E Class is always reliable and fun to drive! If you have planned a ride out with your buddies this weekend, you should consider contacting a reliable car rental company to book this exotic brand to make your ride memorable!  

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