Rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Black with Rotana Star

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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Black

1,500 د.إ

Dubai – Free
260 KM/day
5000 AED
Min Age
18 Years

Rental Price


1,500 د.إ


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Car Features
Gear | Auto
Engine | V8
Color | Black
Seats | 2
Doors | 2
Luggage | 4
Sensors | Yes
Bluetooth | Yes
GCC | Yes
Camera | Yes
LCD | Yes
Safety | Yes
Radio | Yes
Mb3/CD | Yes

Rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Black with Rotana Star

Rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue in Dubai

Chevrolet is power, quality, and style. The brand with a 100-year-old history knows what the customers want and creates only the best models in various colors that can surprise everyone. This is how they came up with a stunning Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue, one of the most desirable sports cars on the market. Powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine, this sports vehicle generates an impressive horsepower of 490 and a torque of 470 lb-ft.This head-turning two-seater is ideal for couples and individuals who like to be in the center of attention and cruise in style.

Why should I rent Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue in Dubai?

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue brings the thrill that satisfies the thirst for speed. However, the exhaust isn’t as loud as anyone can think. Of course, it’ll give a good bark while cranking up, but in the city and on the highway, the Chevrolet’s cabin is surprisingly quiet.One thing that catches the eye is the hidden door handles done for a sleek appearance. The developers also thought carefully about the storage of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue which has been perfectly engineered. There are 2 trunk areas – the front cargo area that is large enough to carry an airline carry-on bag and the trunk that can perfectly contain 2 golf bags.If you rent a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue from Rotana Star, you can be assured to enjoy the ride to the fullest. With a wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a new digital gauge display, and a Buckle-to-Drive safety feature that doesn’t allow the standard automatic transmission to shift out of park until the driver has buckled the seat belt, Chevrolet is an ideal car to explore the city.

How to rent a car at Rotana Star?

No one likes to fill in hundreds of forms or spend a lot of time booking a car, especially if you are new in Dubai, that’s why at Rotana Star we made the renting process easy and stress-free. Simply, select the car you want, leave a request online, and we will contact you back. Also, you can WhatsApp us with your request, or call directly to book it.We love our clients! At Rotana Star, we designed a perfect formula where with a great value for money our clients receive top-notch service with an unforgettable experience.Also, if you opt for the delivery, we have 2 options. You can pick up the car by yourself from our Dubai showroom or it can be delivered to you at a convenient time at the preferable location.

What documents are needed to rent a Chevrolet in Dubai?

Our Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ocean Blue for rent is available for both UAE residents and tourists.For UAE residents the only documents that we ask to submit are copies of the driver’s passport, residential visa, and Emirates ID as well as a valid UAE Driving License.For Tourists, the list of documents is slightly different and includes a passport, visa with entry stamp, a valid home country driving license, and an international driving permit or international driving license. If you hold GCC, US, UK, or Canada passports as well as some other countries’ passports, you can drive with your home country’s license.Before you travel, make sure that your driving license is valid in the UAE, and that you are eligible to rent a car in Dubai.


You will be charged AED 5 upon crossing every salik (toll) gate. You will be billed at the end of your rental duration. The salik amount may be deducted from your security deposit or you can pay for it separately.

As per RTA, we provide you with comprehensive insurance. This means that by default, you are covered incase of an accidental damage provided it isn’t your fault. A police report must be obtained at the time of an accident. Your rental amount includes basic coverage.

We can also provide CDW (collision damage waiver) for an additional charge. This covers you for any accidental damage by your own fault as well. However, a valid police report is still required for coverage.

The car rental security deposit between AED 2000 – AED 10,000 is taken at the start of rental. It is released max 30 days after the car is returned.

Security block by credit card pre-authorization is automatically released by the bank on the same credit card within maximum 30 days.

All our cars come with standard mileage limit based on your rental period.

Custom mileage limit packages for an additional charge may be available.

To calculate your mileage, the car rental agreement mentions the km on the car’s odometer at the start of your rental.

If you exceed the allowed kms, additional charges apply.

The legal age to rent a vehicle (car, van, pick-up truck, SUV or any other) in the UAE is 18 years old.

Additional Driver

Extra Mileage

Salik / Toll Charges

5 AED / Gate

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