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قم بتأجير Mercedes S 500 White 2021 من روتانا ستار

Mercedes S 500 White 2021

1,499 AED / day

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1,499 AED / day


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مميزات السيارة
النوع | Mercedes Benz
جير | Auto
محرك | V6
اللون | White
المقاعد | 4
الابواب | 5
الامتعة | 4
حساسات | Yes
بلوتوث | Yes
خليجي | Yes
كاميرا | Yes
شاشة | Yes
ايه بي اس | Yes
راديو | Yes
سي دي | Yes

قم بتأجير Mercedes S 500 White 2021 مع روتانا ستار

Rent Mercedes S 500 in Dubai with Rotana Star

The S-class name has long been synonymous with luxury, thanks to the car’s elegant aesthetics and compelling performance. Roomy sedan, this high-class Benzes are loaded with the latest technology and the richest materials. It offers smooth and powerful engine and despite their considerable dimensions, superb driving dynamics.Rent Mercedes S 500 from Rotana Star Luxury car and Sports Car rental in Dubai and we’ll be happy to make your experience unforgettableWant to Rent Mercedes S 500 Class in Dubai ? Our new Mercedes Benz S 500 to rent in Dubai is your ideal option when looking to Rent Mercedes-Benz  S 500 in Dubai… Our Dubai Mercedes Benz Rental Agency is now including the 4-door Mercedes-Benz S Class to our high end line of luxury Mercedes Rentals in Dubai.Need Affordable Mercedes S Class Rental Dubai for a week ? Or need Mercedes Benz Car Rental Dubai for just one day ? What about requesting Mercedes Benz Chauffeur Services for your next night out on the town ? We got the automobile for you… Rent Mercedes S Class in Dubai at cheap rates….. The Mercedes 500has an amazing elegant design and a pioneering technology not found in most other Mercedes-Benz S-Class rentals. The luxury design, performance and safety of the Dubai Mercedes S 500 Rental is an important factor of the Mercedes Benz brand. The S 500 Mercedes-Benz has a sophisticated and modern look envied by other brands. Even though it is a perfect rent a car for airport transport and executive transportation, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 500 is also rented for many other uses such as; bar / club hopping, business meeting, wedding, anniversary present, birthday party, prom, bachelor / bachelorette parties, corporate venue and more chauffeured services..

Renting a Car with Rotana Star

For Mercedes S 500 S Class rental in Dubai, we strive to provide the best service in the area. At Rotana Star , we have many years of experience in the hire car field. As a result, we can bring value for money and top-notch service – guaranteed. A key reason for this is because we own our entire fleet of vehicles. This means we have more flexibility on price, unlike our competitors, who often lease their cars on a long-term basis.At Rotana Star, we make the process to hire a Mercedes S 500 S Class  for rent easy. The first step is the browse our website to find a suitable price. After this, contact us by sending in a request via our online form or by telephone. We aim to get back in touch soon after to finalize the deal. When the time comes to deliver the car, we offer two options: either pick-up the car from our Dubai showroom or take advantage of our popular door-to-door delivery service.Our premium car rental services allow you the chance to rent a Mercedes S 500 S Class in Dubai or other luxury brand cars at affordable rates.  Book online or over the phone and collect your rent a car or get it delivered in Dubai.

أسئلة متكررة

You will be charged AED 5 upon crossing every salik (toll) gate. You will be billed at the end of your rental duration. The salik amount may be deducted from your security deposit or you can pay for it separately.

As per RTA, all rental cars in the UAE are provided with comprehensive insurance (a.k.a. basic insurance). This means that by default, you are covered incase of an accidental damage provided it isn’t your fault. A police report must be obtained at the time of an accident. Your rental amount includes basic coverage.

Most car rental companies provide CDW (collision damage waiver) for an additional charge. This covers you for any accidental damage by your own fault as well. However, a valid police report is still required for coverage.

The car rental security deposit between AED 1000 – AED 10,000 is taken at the start of rental. It is released max 30 days after the car is returned. It may be returned to you by bank transfer, cash deposit into your bank account or cheque. Security block by credit card pre-authorization is better as it is automatically released by the bank on the same credit card within 30 days.

All rental cars come with standard mileage limit based on your rental period. However, some companies offer unlimited mileage as well. Custom mileage limit packages for an additional charge may be available.

To calculate your mileage, the car rental agreement mentions the km on the car’s odometer at the start of your rental.

If you exceed the allowed kms, additional charges apply. For this car, AED 10 / km is chargeable above the included mileage limit.

The legal age to rent a vehicle (car, van, pick-up truck, SUV or any other) in the UAE is 21 years old as per RTA regulations. However, this largely depends on the insurance policy issued to the car by the car rental company. The minimum age may be 23 years and even 25 years, in some cases.

The minimum age to rent the listed car is 21 years old. Please contact the supplier for more details.

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    Mercedes S 500 White 2021

    1,499 AED / day

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