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4,500 AED / Tag

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4,500 AED / Tag

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McLaren Rental in Dubai

Live your greatest adventure in Dubai with a McLaren rental from Rotana Star. Where better to drive an exotic car than in sunny Dubai? This is why you want to go for an unforgettable ride in the McLaren. The beauty of its body and its engine make it a much-desired car among car lovers. Why not book the perfect vacation with a McLaren from Rotana Star.

In Dubai, you don’t want to miss the chance of driving a McLaren from Rotana Star. Reserve one of these beauties now!

As Dubai has become the center of the world, so have the luxury and exotic cars that speed down this city’s streets. When you’re in Dubai, you want to be seen in a McLaren, the ultimate sensual accessory for your adventures.

Book online and start driving your McLaren starting at AED 2,950 per day, with a standard insurance agreement and no extra services.

Enjoy the perfect ride

McLaren is an exotic luxury vehicle to hire in Dubai, which is why Rotana Star offers you the best models at the best deals across the city. These English supercars will make your heartbeat, and the butterfly doors will grab everyone’s attention! Historically, they are most known for their Formula One championships, making this supercar even more enticing for thrill-seekers. We offer you the full McLaren experience!

Whether it’s for showing off or for the pleasure of driving, this powerful and luxurious ride is your top choice when it comes to exciting features. Our car fleet features McLaren models such as the 720S or GT, beautifully innovative and high-performance vehicles. The McLaren 720S is the best in its class, with a high-speed balance and the best steering control.

It can be very tempting to put the pedal to the metal with these incredible cars but we would like to remind you to please stay safe and abide by the city’s traffic and speed regulations.

This is not your average car! It’s the perfect ride for your stay in Dubai. Rent your McLaren for a meeting, a special event, a wedding, or to enjoy your stay in Dubai with someone special. These vehicles can look daunting at first, but our professional team is here to make sure you are comfortable with all the car’s features. If you’re interested in more information about their specs, get in touch with one of our website operators right now or dial our customer service number.

Which McLaren do you desire?

A McLaren is a great accessory for a luxury lifestyle. When you’re in Dubai enjoying the exciting options this city has to offer, it’s a thrill to have a perfect addition to make your stay unforgettable. Why not turn a regular trip into wow moments with a vehicle that symbolizes Dubai life: a McLaren from Rotana Star.

Show up in style

Showing up in style is not only a great sign of power, but it’s also an ego boost. What a feeling it is when everyone turns around to look at you as you step out of your McLaren. That is an unbeatable moment. Why not hire an exotic car to celebrate a special occasion? It can be the perfect accessory for your weekend trip or a gift to show someone how much you appreciate them.

To make this experience unforgettable, you may want to hire a driver for the full celebrity treatment. We carefully select our drivers who are always professional, polite, and punctual. Check out our complete services for the best options and chauffeur service. Let’s help you make a statement.

Work with the best company

Rent luxury and exotic cars in Dubai from Rotana Star. For the most distinctive cars at competitive prices, we offer you the best professional service in Dubai.

Our luxury car fleet is reliable, in perfect condition, and most importantly fairly priced. We believe that everyone should have the chance to live the fantasy of being rich and extravagant when they come to Dubai. We can bet you that, with no compromise on quality, you will not find a better price at any other Dubai car rental agency. Are you ready for the Star experience?

Why you should rent a McLaren

You know you want a special car for your stay in Dubai: that’s why you need a McLaren. Driving a McLaren in Dubai is a whole new experience without spending a great amount of money. When you choose to hire a McLaren from Rotana Star, you will receive a free pick-up and drop-off service.

Owning this elegant masterpiece is not given to everyone, but one can have the experience by renting a McLaren today from Rotana Car. This powerful luxury CAR also breaks the stereotype that large vehicles have a very high gas expenditure. When you rent a McLaren, you can expect to have good fuel consumption as they have high fuel efficiency.

Choose from our curated selection of cars the one that suits your personality the most.

Explore our wide range of luxury and exotic cars and rent them at the most affordable rates available on the market today. We are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and several other locations across the UAE.